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Michelle Goff - Attorney At Law

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A trust, coupled with effective estate planning should be an integral part of your planning for the future. Don't let your age or the size of your estate dictate you putting off a living trust and estate plan. It allows you to ensure your assets go to the people, pets, and/or charities you love. Improper planning of your estate could lead to assets not ending up where you want them, or be reflect of your true desires. Also, they could go to people at times in their life when it would not be appropriate for them to receive money (ie: too young, receiving government benefits, etc). By properly planning your estate you can help minimize family conflict and costly court proceedings. Proper estate planning also takes care of issues such as disability by appointing agents to make health care decisions for you and agents to handle your financial affairs in the event of incapacity.

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Estate Planning

At Michelle Goff Law, we want every client to feel as if they are the only client. We strive to take the time to listen carefully and explain clearly, and completely, all options available for their unique situation in a relaxed environment.

We have two concerns at Michelle Goff Law, client attention and balance. Your satisfaction with our attention to your needs is our premier objective. We also emphasize balance in one's personal life rather than "doing time at the office". As a result, we enjoy work life, and our employees enjoy working at Michelle Goff Law.

Ultimately, the interactions with our clients are not one-time transactions, but lasting relationships. The estate planning attorney often becomes viewed as the family attorney. The go to person when a legal question arises, because my services are not sought as a defense, but rather as a genuine desire to protect loved ones when we pass away. I encourage my clients to think of me as their situations in life change, and believe my firm culture reinforces my intention and goals and results in long lasting relationships with my clients.


Probate is the common term used to describe the court administration of a deceased person's estate. Decedents leaving assets subject to administration must have their estate probated. A Will does not avoid probate... in fact, to be effective in most cases, the Will must be probated. Indeed, the term "probate" is derived from the French term for "prove," for "proving the Will."

Business Law

Whether you are just starting to dream up your new business, to planning for your retirement, we are here as your legal counselors.  We can assist you in forming the appropriate business entity for your needs, help you maintain your business status over the years with compliance, and finally help you with your business succession needs as you get ready to retire.  We also handle contract review and negotiations, employment agreements and mediation of disputes.   Our goal is to help you build, grow and later transition your family business.

Are you a family owned business whose board of directors consists of yourself and your spouse?  Have you considered adding a “board of advisors” to your business?  It is often wise to have outside professionals as a sounding board for decisions.  Our Team can help with this.  We are available for monthly questions and twice a year onsite meetings for your annual/semi-annual board meetings. 

Are you in need of CFO services but do not need a full time CFO on staff?  Do you have a great bookkeeper but need some senior level financial support? Our CFO retainer package may be the option for you.  We negotiate a monthly fee for services you need help with and then you don’t need to worry that the clock is running each time you need assistance.  We then review your needs quarterly and adjust accordingly.


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